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Magnotrade is an independent service provider offering international shippers a platform to obtain Electronic Cargo Tracking Notes (ECTN/waiver) from any worldwide origin to ECTN/waiver mandatory countries.

Magnotrade proposes a unique ECTN/waiver application valid for any destination, releasing shippers from the particular requirements, registrations, tariffs, payment modes imposed by the individual ECTN/waiver-providers.

What is an ectn?

An ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Notes) is an official, maritime document issued upon shipment at the loading port.

The Magnotrade ECTN/waiver system combines a one-off online registration and payment facility with a clear ECTN/waiver- issuance model applicable for all destinations.

It is the most efficient and user-friendly system on the field, offering the customers the advantage of uniformity.



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Service levels

Magnotrade proposes three levels of service with corresponding tariffs:

SELF service

The customer completes the entire online application through his secured login and receives corresponding feedback from Magnotrade.

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SEMI service

The customer uploads the required documents online and Magnotrade assures the further process with corresponding feedback.

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FULL service

The customer provides the required documents per email to and Magnotrade takes care of the entire ECTN process.

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SELF and SEMI services require customers to sign up by completing the online registration form on and to credit their electronic account by means of a bank transfer or credit card payment.

FULL service applications will be handled per email and invoiced individually, however allowing customers to make a deposit in order to avoid payment delays and unnecessary bank charges.

Magnotrade has running accounts with all ECTN/waiver Authorities and its experienced staff thus grants a professional and fast handling of submitted ECTN/waiver.

Acting fully independent without any side activities as forwarder, shipper or transporter, Magnotrade guarantees that the confidential information from its customers’ ECTN/waiver requests remains in safe hands.

Users interested in the SELF and SEMI services are now invited to register on Once the account activated, the specific countries’ requirements and tariffs will be available online.

FULL service customers may address an email to to receive tariffs and procedures to follow.

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