• 25/05/2020

    Magnotrade launch

    Dear all,

    As from 25 th May 2020, we are offering you a unique and modern portal to process the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note from any port of loading to all ECTN/waiver required countries.

    Our portal has been developed together with professionals and official ECTN/waiver-representatives.

    If you already work with us for Senegal, you have already an account (SELF service) and will have now full access to the other 23 countries! No need to register again!

    Our procedure is simple and efficient: register your company through our website and it allows you to

    • issue the ECTN/waiver yourself (SELF service)

    • upload only the required documents and we do the rest (SEMI service)

    • submit your request by email and we finalize it (FULL service)

    If you choose the SELF service option, you will have only 1 same input screen for all the 24 countries we are offering!

    Done with multiple logins, passwords and different ways of working in separate systems.

    Bank transfer or secure online payment is possible in our pre-paid system.

    Please visit our website and get started today: