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Online ECTN-application for SELF and SEMI services requires exporters/forwarders/shippers/… (hereafter called 'USERS') to create once only an electronic account on the Magnotrade website.

We'll guide users through the processes of registration, accounting and invoicing as follows:


A new ECTN user can create his electronic account by tapping the 'Register here' button on the homepage and complete the registration form, knowing that all (*) marked fields are mandatory.

Apart from the usual contact details (name, address, email, … ) some specific information is required:

  • 'Preferred language' concerns all future communication (messages, mails, invoices, drafts) you will receive, being French or English.
  • 'Invoice frequency' refers to the regularity you will receive our automatic invoices for (pre)validated ECTN, being weekly or monthly.
  • 'VAT number' is mandatory for E.E.C. companies and will be checked through public databases.

  • 'Username' can be chosen freely by the user.

Before submitting the registration request, user should accept the general Terms & Conditions and answer the security question.

After verification of the registration application  and approval from our administration, user will receive an mail asking to initialize the password which will activate his account.

Once the electronic account is fully activated, user can modify the submitted settings by hitting the 'User Settings' button in case of possible changes of address, phone number, email.


Lost passwords can be recovered through the website 'connect' page ('recover your password here'), where user should insert his username or email address which was confirmed in the initial  registration and submit his request.

In case both password and username are lost, an email should be addressed to asking for recovery. This request should be sent from the email address which was confirmed in the initial registration.

In both cases, user will receive a re-activation email and once re-logged in, user settings can be modified through the 'settings' button.


In order to assure the (pre)validation process user should have sufficient credits on his electronic account.

New Credits can be purchased by a bank transfer or online purchase:

Magnotrade bank details for bank transfers are as follows:

KBC Bank – Parklaan 38 – 9100 Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)
Account number: 739-0177290-72
IBAN: BE38 7390 1772 9072

In order to grant a fast deposit and automatic crediting of your account, user is required to use his personal account payment reference which can be found  in the 'credits' section, 'Increase credits by bank transfer' option.

Payments without this personal payment reference risk to be handled with delay.

Credits can also be added to your account, by online purchase.

Magnotrade has taken all precautions to guarantee complete security of user's credit card information by using the international SSL (Secure Socket Layer) standard for safe internet transaction provided by our connection with Ingenico:

  • All information sent during the payment process is being encrypted using the SSL encryption technology.
  • All personal information that is being exchanged this way, will be unreadable and hence unusable for third parties.
  • All payment transactions will automatically be treated using the secure servers of Ingenico. Ingenico has been certified by VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Bancontact, IDEAL and Sofort.
  • To provide full protection user's data will not be stored on our servers.

Transaction costs for online purchase are 3% on the amount transferred.


Invoicing of (pre)validated ECTN and possible corrections will happen electronically.

User will receive per email a weekly or monthly detailed invoice for the past period as per his user's settings.

At any time, user can consult his invoices online via the 'credits' section, 'my invoices/credit notes' option, where user also has the possibility to create pro forma invoices for pre-payments made.

An overview of the past payments (credits) and debit amounts, as well as the current balance is available via the 'credits' section, 'Account statement' option.

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Customers interested in the SELF- and SEMI- ECTN services are invited to register by completing the following registration form and agreeing with the terms and conditions.

All marked fields (*) are mandatory.

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